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Types Of Airplanes

No one can talk about the airplanes history without including the people who are behind the invention of the airplanes. This invention took a lot of years of research as well as hard work and this mostly from two brothers by the names of Orville and Wilbur Wright. In 1878 it is believed that the father of these two brothers came home from work with a rubber band powered helicopter and these young brothers immediately started the studying of this helicopter and thereafter started building replicas. The brother came to notice that all the aircrafts were lacking controls and in the year 1899 they came up with system that they used to warp the wings of a biplane and this meant that the aircraft could be controlled and rolled left or right as was required.

After this the brothers went ahead to design a gasoline engine that was powerful enough to be able to propel any aircraft and the brothers also went ahead to invent the first ever propellers and this culminated into a powered aircraft. At this time however the brothers faced competition from a person named Samuel Langley who was the secretary of the Smithsonian Institution who had also developed his own aircraft and he was helped with investment funding. The testing of his aircraft however failed the initial tests and this was enough to put him out of the competition. Some of the last developments of the airplane included the usage of spring steel in order to make new sets of shafts.

The first ever airplane was referred to as The Flyer, which was unveiled on 17 December 1903 as it, was taken for a 12 second sustained flight, which covered about 120 feet. The next few hours after this the Wright brothers made numerous flights and the longest of them all covered 852 feet. There are several types of airplanes in today’s market and this will include commercial transport planes, general aviation planes, sea planes, special purpose planes as well as military planes. Commercial transport planes are large and this means they are capable of carrying passengers as well as cargo.

They are also referred to as airliners and are less powerful than four engine jets and this is because most airliners only travel 500 to 600 miles per hour while four engine jets faster. An example of a four engine jet is the Boeing 747 and unlike most airliners it is capable of accommodating up to 1000 passengers. This airliner is also capable of carrying 6 kitchens, 12 washrooms as well as more than 178000 liters of fuel. The Boeing 747 became the largest jet in the world in 1969.

Boeing 747 can travel to up to 6495 miles or 10475 kilometers without stopping and this is farther than the distance between Tokyo and New York. There are also three engine jets as well as two engine jets. The three engine jets do not travel as far as the four engine jets and they also need less runway although they are also capable of carrying as many passengers as the four engine jets. Two engine jets are the most popular today and this is because of their look, their low operating costs as well as few engine failures.