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Social enterprise policy threatens to alienate disadvantaged groups, research warns shimAdd News173 to Scrapbook

New research by the Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC) has echoed findings by Voice4Change England into the experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) social enterprises.


TSRC found that Government policies relating to social enterprises risk alienating BME communities further. Both V4CE and TSRC have recognised a sector that is underfunded and often forgotten by the Government in policy making structures and networks. Despite a fast emerging wealth of BME social enterprises, they are still not being properly recognised as key delivery agents, report V4CE.


The research is available 


For more information, contact Leandro Sepulveda: 020 8411 6563 Or Naomi Landau, Knowledge Exchange Team: 020 7520 2421

Renewed Compact Launched: Update from Voice 4 Change shimAdd News172 to Scrapbook

Information from our partners at Voice 4 Change:

The renewed Compact has been launched with supplementing accountability measures at the APPG on Civil Society on Tuesday 14 December 2010 by Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society. In his speech he reiterated the opportunities open to VCS organisations as well as reaffirming the Government's commitment to the Compact and the importance of the introduction of the accountability mechanisms which accompany it.

Voice 4 Change welcomes the launch of the renewed shorter and more concise national Compact and is very pleased to see that the Government has committed to implementing and complying with the Compact evidenced through the accountability measures. We welcome most commitments within the renewed Compact in particular those linking with existing equality legislation and the public sector equality duty. We also are pleased to see the recognition within the renewed Compact of the need to resource both national and local support organisations to assist CSOs in their work and to deliver positive outcomes.

V4CE's BME Compact Officer will be working in the new year to provide more links to useful resources, regular updates on news as well as information about training opportunities and how we can help you to use the Compact not only to strengthen your relationships with statutory partners, but also how you can use it to challenge decisions made. Additionally he will be renewing the Compact and You (linked) training manual to align it with the renewed Compact.

If you have any views on what information you would like in our resources (e.g. more signposting, case studies, more information on challenging funding cuts) please email Ravi Chauhan.

We will also be working closely with Compact Voice, the VCS representative for the Compact, to identify areas in which the Compact is not working as well as it should be, and to mediate negotiations between VCS organisations and statutory partners to improve the Compact in these areas. If you feel the Compact is not working in your area, or you would merely like some advice, or you have any views on the renewed national Compact email Ravi Chauhan.

Download renewed Compact

Download the Compact Accountability & Transparency Guide

Read the Statement of Support from the Voluntary Sector

1NW draft response to OCS Consultation on supporting front line organisations shimAdd News171 to Scrapbook

Voice for Change England and One North West worked with the NW BME Policy Forum to develop a response to the consultation. This involved the participation of twenty BME organisations, from front line organisations, to infrastructure organisations, (both BME and generic) and national charities.


The response develops this further, building on work done earlier in the year around the NW Regional Strategy and a series of round table events on Big Society, which included the participation of ninety three and one hundred and twenty organisations respectively; the report also draws on case study work with member organisations.


You can read the draft report here


To comment on the response, please contact Daniel Silver, One North West Manager. by the 4th January

Making a difference together? shimAdd News170 to Scrapbook

CES' National Performance Programme has joined up with Collaboration Benefits to produce a new guide, Making a difference together? The guide covers collaborative working in the voluntary and community sector, and aims to help organisations to plan the measurement of positive and negative outcomes and reach their own conclusions on the likely or actual benefits of collaboration.

It is an essential resource for those who are considering, or who are already embarking on a collaborative venture. Split into five key sections – Prepare, Engage, Plan Together, Monitor and Evaluate; it covers all the steps and issues you need to consider when developing an effective evaluation framework for your collaboration.

With growing pressure for organisations to survive, collaborations are an increasing way to bring together resources and expertise to strengthen an organisation's service delivery and achieve shared aims.


Download a free copy here 

North West Infrastructure Partnership Call for Research Proposals shimAdd News169 to Scrapbook

The North West Infrastructure Partnership (NWIP) is seeking to commission a piece of research costing up to £14,000 with the aim of assessing the social and economic case for equality within the Government's Big Society and Localism themes.

This work should provide solutions and make recommendations to policy-makers, strengthen the case for equality within the current debate around ‘fairness', and strongly promote the value of the equalities voluntary and community sector in the North West.

Submissions, in line with the research brief, should be submitted by: Noon, 17th January 2011
Are Local Authorities and PCTs valuing the voluntary sector? shimAdd News168 to Scrapbook

Following the government's Spending Review, Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts have to make difficult decisions about how to spend their budgets and deliver their services.

Following a meeting with the Minister for Civil Society, who asked us to tell him how this was affecting the voluntary and community sector, One North West is working with Voluntary Sector North West in collecting information about the experiences of Voluntary and Community Sector groups.
Are you being well consulted and included in discussions with your Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts, or do you find that decisions are being made without your input?
Please use this short form to tell us of your experiences - are your partners listening to and valuing the third sector when making decisions about what to continue funding and what to cut?
The information you give us will be used to help us build a picture of how the sector is faring at the hands of its public sector partners, and will help us inform the Office for Civil Society of good and bad practice across the North West. We will also link into the work of Compact Voice to flag up examples of good and bad practice in work between the public and third sectors.
ROTA Senior Policy Officer Carlene Firmin says we need to involve girls in decisions about their health shimAdd News167 to Scrapbook

For young women caught up in the criminal justice system, their health needs throughout childhood will have been left unmet. Research indicates that young people in custody have disproportionate levels of anxiety, depression and psychosis; a 2008 report by the chief inspector of prisons identified that 89% of girls in custody had self-harmed. They do not develop mental ill-health in prison, although the experience may exasperate this; they are often there because their mental health needs have not been met beforehand


For the full article please visit here

Communities Minister announces new measures to tackle Antisemitism shimAdd News166 to Scrapbook

Communities Minister Andrew Stunell today confirmed Government action to address antisemitism, four years on from the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry's report into antisemitism.

The Government will today publish a report on the steps they've taken and the significant progress that's been made, including measures to increase security for Jewish faith schools in the state sector and improving the collection of data on antisemitic incidents.

Education Secretary Michael Gove last week confirmed up to £2 million to fund tighter security measures in Jewish faith schools in the state sector. This funding will ensure children and staff will have a school environment safe from antisemitic incidents.

Ministers have also secured agreement that all police forces must now record antisemitic hate crimes, with the first official statistics published last month. This greater transparency provides the clearest picture yet of where and when hate crimes are likely to occur, thereby making it easier to target security measures

Urban Forum react to Localism Bill shimAdd News165 to Scrapbook

Urban Forum have produced a briefing note that reacts to the Localism Bill:

Women and Work Task Force Report shimAdd News164 to Scrapbook

The North West Women and Work Task Force was set up by the North West Regional Development Agency (NWDA) and 4 North West (4NW) to investigate the barriers to women achieving higher levels of leadership positions across all sectors in the North West of England.

Over a six month period the Task Force set out to understand the current position; to examine the economic case for greater diversity at senior leadership levels and to identify practical recommendations for change.

This report combines evidence from academic research with the experience of companies and business leaders in the North West. It also includes the voices of 300 men and women who completed the Task Force survey North West: Best for Women? and over 40 organisations (including One North West and our partners at the Women's Solidarity Forum) which responded to the consultation on the Task Force recommendations.

A strong evidence base has been put together which has allowed the Task Force to make clear recommendations.

Access the report here